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Update by user Oct 26, 2015

I again used a 'value' company who are very good in what they provide - called 'Qjump' where rail tickets are often considerably cheaper than via National Rail! They have a box to choose to tick indicating 'please tick for £10 off your next order'!

They are perpetuating a SCAM called 'Complete Save' who then take your Bank details & 'help themselves' every month - if you do not remember to check your Bank a/c thoroughly. You do NOT get anything worthwhile from these scammers, although they will argue that you do. They (rail ticket sites, Argos, etc.) are selling by 'deception'! They apparently also do this on ARGOS sites & others, who obviously 'support' what these scammers are trying to do!

When ordering online DON'T fall for 'ticking a box for future discounts'! BBC Watchdog are going to find out about this!

Original review posted by user Jul 15, 2015

Checked my bank a/c & found an unauthorised payment of £15.00 debited from my account on 17 July 2015. I searched online to see various reports - mostly of others being scammed.

I called the number I found - an 0800 - so hope it was genuine and

'freephone'! Spoke to a Gayle - told her I had NEVER signed up for this, as this kind of so-called 'rewards system' does not interest me.

She told me it appeared to have been signed up by me upon buying tickets from a good site I often use to get sometimes cheaper advance rail tickets: Qjump ! (NO problems with them). Gayle insisted they had sent me 5 emails! LIES! I assured her 'in no uncertain terms', I had NOT received 5 emails; every morning I check through all my 'junk' emails to delete/report/block, as appropriate.

These scammers appear to have some 'back door' way of getting hold of your bank details : some people have reported buying from other online retailers to find similar has happened to them. Be v. careful NOT to click on anything else on your trusted online site.

Upon first ringing the no., I got a recorded message asking me to 'enter my membership no'. I couldn't as I am NOT a member!! And I don't want to be!! Just pressed several zeros and got through to Gayle, as above. I insisted I had been scammed, would be 'blogging', warning people about this and that I want a refund.

She informed me she would arrange this and that this would take about 10 days. I told her that 'in this day & age with our technology transferring money does not take 10 days and they took mine quickly enough'! I asked her 'now what kind of interest are your alleged company earning from OUR money'? She had no answer to that!

I duly DID receive an email cancelling my 'membership' within a few minutes! Funny that! THAT one came into my email junk inbox just fine!! I will check my bank account again in around 10 days' time (although I may be away helping a family member recover from a hospital operation & may find it less easy to get online; hence this scame is now an even more unwelcome inconvenience to me!).

I also ensured I called my Bank, HSBC, was told that this would be raised as a 'dispute payment' and that the bank would call me the next day to verify this to be the case - once again during their opening hours. The lady I spoke to at HSBC sounded as if she was not in the UK and, most interestingly, even said that she, herself, had got scammed by this same 'body' calling themselves by same name!

I note SOME people are 'singing their praises' getting discounts off all kinds of purchases! Rubbish! They are probably WORKING for these scammers! I am unable to locate this 'company' as being listed at Companies House, London. Just beware when buying online. (don't we ALL, nowadays?!).....many genuine companies seem to have got affiliated with these scammers: Trainline, Argos, to name a few. Do a google search; see how many other people are also complaining about these scammers (used to be known by a different name - conveniently for them!!) Watch out they don't change their name again, as we are 'onto' them!

Reason of review: scam taking unauthorised payment out of my bank account.

Monetary Loss: $13.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Scam.

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Just found out a company by the name of Completesave have been helping themselves to £10 p/m, from our account since 2012. I thought it was a saving account my wife paid into, with my wife thinking the same that it was my savings account. Absolutely livid when we found out the truth, aim to get to the bottom of this mess, but beware out there.


Just had similar issue after buying music tickets I think (she wouldn’t say) what is worrying is challenged with Credit Card and they said this was a “chip and pub” transaction. The tickets were not with PIN number (assume security code is same as PIN). Got money back after proving this is a scam


I've had the same problem with complete save took my funds without permission not sure how


Never heard of this company in my life yet i seem to of been a victim of the scam too!! I never use my card for online shopping only direct debits that go out regular. I rang my bank to check they then rang the company and they never had any recognition of me or my details on there system so now my cards been cancelled n the investigation is on going!


Yep, definitely a total scam, amazed they are able to get away with it. Chap I just spoke to from Master Card told me that both Ryanair and trainline provide a portal to CompleteSave on their websites (among many others), so I won't be using either of those companies again in future.


We bought tickets on TicketMaster 2 years ago. Without our knowledge we have been debited £15 each month since from COMPLETESAVE.CO.UK.

After calling the 0800 389 6960 yesterday, they agreed (not without persuasion) to stop the so-called membership and to pay us back. We are still waiting for the refund (3 to 5 working days).

Make sure you get a confirmation email from them if you need to raise a dispute/fraud case with the help of your bank. It is a clear case of consumer abuse where payment details have been transferred to a third party without any disclaimers and confirmation of memberships payment, etc.


I signed up and applied for savings on a product I bought but I got no savings at all and was charged the £15 for a month,,,,I cancelled and have not been charged since,,but my original £15 is gone for nothing...how can I get it back?


yes, this is the scam. They have been deducting from my credit card from ages and i complained to American express and i have to see how they are going to respond.


I have neglected to check bank statement and find £15 has been withdrawn for 15 months from my account. Apparently I bought something on line.

I never signed up to this company. I have asked for a refund and have been told I am eligible for £45.

I am annoyed and wonder how this organisation can be pursued? Is it worth contacting Trading Standards (UK).


Thanks for your full report. I have just realised I have been scammed out of £15 per month TOO when I had never ever heard about them till just a few minutes ago. Thankfully my bank took it as fraud and reversed the money back into my account but I am still fuming how easy it is for them to steal our details and help themselves with our hard earned money


I have been scammed by these people as well


I have just realised I have been scammed out of £15 per month for the passed 11 months by ‘Complete Save’ who I have never agreed to use. I originally purchased train tickets through Trainline.

Their email confirmation included a ‘click on’ to save £20 on your next purchase. This ‘click on’ takes you to Complete Save. They take all your personal details, including your bank details without your permission.

Trainline should be named, shamed and held responsible for providing personal details to a third party. I shall be contacting Complete Save for a complete refund.

to Chris Maddocks #1530959

Just had the same problem

to Chris Maddocks #1556952

Hi Chris, I hope all is well. Exactly the same as you.

Since April of this year. Can I ask what the outcome of your complaint was?

I will follow the same route if it proved successful. Will


i AM LOOKING INTO THIS OUTFIT ALSO,thanks for post, the problem here is some recognised store groups are promoting this service it appears, I have money taken from my account from a credit card and it seems to fall in line with a purchase same day B&Q


same thing has just happened to me but i never have i used the internet to buy my train tickets i used the machine at the station yesterday and next day this company has stolen 15 from my account im amazed this is allowed too happen unless the train line is helping the scammers


Just been scammed by them as well - this was done via the Trainline website because I thought the cash back offer was through trainline I agreed to the T’s and C’s. They took £15 a month out of my account.

I called and cancelled the service and making my displeasure known.

They have agreed to reimburse the £45 I had paid and cancelled my direct debit. Let’s see if they are true to their word....


i got scammed too with this GBP15 monthly charge. UK being such an advanced country can't regulate companies set up to cheat like this completescam?


I just found some regular deductions of 10 pounds on my HSBC bank account from completsave in 2013. I don't even remember what I purchased, but normally I use eBay, Amazon, National Express and Firsttranspennine.

Or use Paypal. So probably bigger companies are in relation to these scammers.


hi has anyone got their money back ?

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