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Like thousands of other people £15 had been taken out of my account for 3 months before I'd noticed. This was because my wife purchased an item of clothing on JD Williams website and she does not remember signing up for any voucher!

Rang the bank, they put a block on future payment, then rang esave on 0800 398 6960 and they immediately removed us from their records and reimbursed the 3 payments of £15.

Suggest others do the same and contact your bank and ring Complete Save as I am sure you will get your money back within 10 working days - or thereabouts. Good Look

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i have just checked my bank statment and found out that £30 had been taken out of my account without my permission over the past two months and i would like a refund if possiable


I have just found out the exact same a ban statement arrived today and after checking it £ 15 has been taken out of my account for the last three months with out my consent surly that is theft isn't it dont even know how they got my card detail

Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom #1276527

I bought something from JD Williams at £14.00 but after that £15 was taken then anothere £10 was taken from my account within 5 days by WYL.COMPLET.WHAT A ***.

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